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WoW the Musical

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First SeenJan 14, 07
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Welcome to WoW The Musical! We are currently the largest guild on the Shandris realm. We have long been known for being a group of friendly, helpful people. We like to think of the guild as our online family here to socialize and have fun together. In WoW the musical we like to keep things casual, and treat it as a family environment. The guild is lead by Richardboone (ALTS are Mstrspamella, LightnShadow, MstrDark, Pengie & SamtheSham). It was started January 15th 2007 by Magma, who passed the leadership on to Magiere, then to Tamis,who then it passed to the current leader, Richardboone/MstrSpamella (Mister Spamella), who holds the guild rank of Producer and all of his alts are labled in the public so that you may find him no matter what alt he may currently be playing on. The ranking system in our guild mostly reflects the character\'s level. We rank this way so that our members know who all knows whats what in the game from having achieved the rank of lv 80. This way you know who may be able to answer quests and instance questions, or maybe even enlist them on a Instance run.

We are always willing to join with or help other guilds with runs.

Updated by user: Richardboone
Last Seen Characters
Name Race Class Level Last Seen
Afret Gnome Priest 100 Jul 25, 15
Alkilloid Night Elf Hunter 100 Jul 24, 15
Angora Night Elf Druid 100 Jul 11, 15
Azraa Draenei Priest 100 Jul 11, 15
Candella Draenei Shaman 100 Jul 11, 15
Carteres Human Warlock 100 Jul 25, 15
Cathi Human Warlock 100 Jul 24, 15
Chadwick Human Warrior 100 Jul 25, 15
Drackcor Draenei Shaman 100 Jul 11, 15
Dresdon Draenei Paladin 100 Jul 11, 15
Earthernclaw Night Elf Druid 80 Jul 11, 15
Eglin Human Priest 100 Jul 25, 15
Elopendy Gnome Rogue 100 Jun 28, 15
Flords Human Paladin 100 Jun 28, 15
Genrak Night Elf Rogue 90 Jun 28, 15
Gwenele Gnome Priest 100 Jul 11, 15
Happyhunter Night Elf Hunter 100 Jun 28, 15
Jasperjohnny Gnome Mage 100 Jul 25, 15
Jhondeaux Worgen Rogue 100 Jun 28, 15
Kaigolas Human Warlock 90 Jul 11, 15
Kalshandrah Night Elf Hunter 100 Jul 11, 15
Laterhozen Gnome Rogue 95 Jul 11, 15
Liseatra Human Monk 100 Jul 24, 15
Madigan Night Elf Druid 100 Jul 25, 15
Mageblitz Gnome Mage 90 Jul 25, 15
Ninapickerin Worgen Priest 100 Jul 25, 15
Pandarama Pandaren Shaman 100 Jul 11, 15
Phagan Night Elf Rogue 100 Jul 24, 15
Prowess Draenei Shaman 100 Jul 25, 15
Sarilyna Human Warrior 100 Jul 11, 15
Shambella Draenei Shaman 100 Jul 11, 15
Shandrial Night Elf Druid 96 Jun 28, 15
Solcar Human Warlock 100 Jul 11, 15
Spamella Night Elf Hunter 100 Jul 24, 15
▀litz Human Paladin 100 Jul 24, 15
Tomhunt Night Elf Hunter 100 Jul 25, 15
Ulysse Human Priest 100 Jun 28, 15
Vegan Night Elf Hunter 100 Jul 11, 15
Violine Night Elf Druid 100 Jul 24, 15

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