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US Quick Server Stats - Last 30 Days
CT Realm TZ Type Language Alliance Horde A/H
1Aerie PeakPSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
2AggramarCSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
3AlexstraszaCSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
4AlleriaCSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
5Aman'thulAESTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
6AntonidasPSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
7AnvilmarPSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
8ArathorPSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
9Area 52ESTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
10ArygosESTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
11Azjol-NerubMSTPVEEN3,809 (66%)1,972 (34%)1.1:15,781
12AzuremystPSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
13BaelgunPSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
14BlackhandCSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
15Blade's EdgePSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
16BladefistPSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
17BloodhoofESTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
18Borean TundraCSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
19BronzebeardPSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
20CaelestraszAESTPVEEN3,926 (96%)158 (4%)2.8:14,084
21CairneCSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
22CenariusPSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
23DalaranESTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
24Dath'RemarAESTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
25DawnbringerCSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
26DoomhammerMSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
27DraenorPSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
28DragonblightPSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
29DrakaCSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
30DrendenESTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
31DurotanESTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
32DuskwoodESTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
33Echo IslesPSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
34EitriggCSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
35Eldre'ThalasESTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
36EluneESTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
37EonarESTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
38ExodarESTPVEEN1,000 (88%)142 (12%)1:11,142
39FenrisESTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
40FizzcrankCSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
41GalakrondPSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
42GallywixBRTPVEptBR (NAN%) (NAN%):
43GaronaCSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
44GarroshESTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
45GhostlandsCSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
46GilneasESTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
47GnomereganPSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
48GoldrinnBRTPVEptBR (NAN%) (NAN%):
49GreymaneCSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
50Grizzly HillsESTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
51HellscreamCSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
52HydraxisCSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
53HyjalPSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
54IcecrownMSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
55Kael'ThasCSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
56KargathESTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
57KhadgarESTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
58Khaz ModanCSTPVEEN3,825 (70%)1,665 (30%)1.2:15,490
59Khaz'gorothAESTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
60KilroggPSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
61KorialstraszPSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
62Kul TirasCSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
63LightbringerPSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
64LlaneESTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
65LotharESTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
66MadoranCSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
67MalfurionCSTPVEEN277 (53%)244 (47%)1.1:1521
68MalygosCSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
69MedivhESTPVEEN1,188 (92%)100 (8%)1.7:11,288
70MishaPSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
71Mok'NathalCSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
72MoonrunnerPSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
73MuradinCSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
74NagrandAESTPVEEN4,396 (95%)240 (5%)2.2:14,636
75NazgrelESTPVEEN (0%)1,191 (100%):1,191
76NesingwaryCSTPVEEN (0%)1,339 (100%):1,339
77NordrassilPSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
78NorgannonESTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
79PerenoldeMSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
80ProudmoorePSTPVEEN3,205 (79%)869 (21%)6.5:14,074
81Quel'doreiCSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
82Quel'ThalasCSTPVEES6,767 (48%)7,347 (52%)1:1.114,114
83RavencrestCSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
84RexxarCSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
85RunetotemCSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
86SaurfangAESTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
87Sen'jinCSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
88ShadowsongPSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
89ShandrisESTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
90Shu'haloPSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
91SilvermoonPSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
92SkywallPSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
93StaghelmCSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
94StormrageESTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
95SuramarPSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
96TanarisESTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
97TerenasMSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
98TerokkarCSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
99ThrallESTPVEEN336 (8%)3,809 (92%)1:11.34,145
100ThunderhornCSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
101TrollbaneESTPVEEN280 (44%)352 (56%)1:1.3632
102TuralyonESTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
103UldamanESTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
104UldumPSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
105UndermineESTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
106UtherPSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
107Vek'nilashCSTPVEEN (0%)1,072 (100%):1,072
108VelenPSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
109WhisperwindCSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
110WindrunnerPSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
111WinterhoofCSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
112YseraESTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
113ZangarmarshMSTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
114Zul'jinESTPVEEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
115AegwynnCSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
116AgamagganCSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
117AkamaCSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
118Altar of StormsESTPVPEN106 (42%)149 (58%)1:1.4255
119Alterac MountainsESTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
120AndorhalESTPVPEN (0%)941 (100%):941
121AnetheronESTPVPEN40 (37%)68 (63%)1:1.7108
122Anub'arakESTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
123ArchimondeCSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
124ArthasESTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
125AuchindounESTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
126AzgalorCSTPVPEN (0%)2,013 (100%):2,013
127AzralonBRTPVPptBR75 (14%)470 (86%)1:6.3545
128AzsharaESTPVPEN (0%)1,933 (100%):1,933
129BalnazzarCSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
130BarthilasAESTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
131Black DragonflightESTPVPEN74 (30%)173 (70%)1:2.4247
132BlackrockPSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
133Blackwing LairPSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
134Bleeding HollowESTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
135Blood FurnaceCSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
136BloodscalpMSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
137BonechewerPSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
138BoulderfistPSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
139Burning BladeESTPVPEN70 (18%)318 (82%)1:4.5388
140Burning LegionCSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
141Cho'gallCSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
142ChromaggusCSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
143CoilfangPSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
144CrushridgePSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
145DaggerspinePSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
146DalvengyrESTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
147Dark IronPSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
148DarkspearMSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
149DarrowmerePSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
150DeathwingMSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
151Demon SoulESTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
152DentargESTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
153DestromathPSTPVPEN (0%)2,073 (100%):2,073
154DethecusPSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
155DetherocCSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
156DragonmawPSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
157Drak'TharonCSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
158Drak'thulCSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
159DrakkariCSTPVPES2,482 (47%)2,783 (53%)1:1.35,265
160DreadmaulAESTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
161DunemaulPSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
162EredarESTPVPEN90 (28%)227 (72%)1:2.3317
163ExecutusESTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
164FiretreeESTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
165FrostmaneCSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
166FrostmourneAESTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
167FrostwolfPSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
168GarithosCSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
169GorefiendESTPVPEN106 (32%)224 (68%)1:1.7330
170GorgonnashPSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
171Gul'danCSTPVPEN17 (25%)52 (75%)1:3.169
172GundrakAESTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
173GurubashiPSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
174HakkarCSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
175HaomarushESTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
176IllidanCSTPVPEN (0%)122 (100%):122
177JaedenarESTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
178Jubei'ThosAESTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
179KalecgosPSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
180Kel'ThuzadMSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
181Kil'JaedenPSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
182KorgathCSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
183Laughing SkullCSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
184LethonPSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
185Lightning's BladeESTPVPEN83 (29%)208 (71%)1:2.5291
186MagtheridonESTPVPEN217 (40%)325 (60%)1:1.5542
187MaievPSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
188Mal'GanisCSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
189MalorneCSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
190MannorothESTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
191Mug'tholCSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
192NathrezimMSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
193NazjatarPSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
194NemesisBRTPVPptBR (NAN%) (NAN%):
195Ner'zhulPSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
196OnyxiaPSTPVPEN34 (28%)87 (72%)1:2.6121
197RagnarosCSTPVPES4,916 (29%)11,760 (71%)1:2.616,676
198RivendarePSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
199SargerasCSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
200ScillaESTPVPEN (0%)663 (100%):663
201ShadowmoonESTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
202Shattered HallsPSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
203Shattered HandESTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
204SkullcrusherESTPVPEN55 (22%)200 (78%)1:3.7255
205SmolderthornESTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
206SpinebreakerPSTPVPEN103 (31%)230 (69%)1:1.6333
207SpirestonePSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
208StonemaulPSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
209StormreaverCSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
210StormscalePSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
211ThaurissanAESTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
212The Forgotten CoastESTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
213The UnderbogCSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
214ThunderlordCSTPVPEN (0%)2,257 (100%):2,257
215TichondriusPSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
216Tol BaradBRTPVPptBR (NAN%) (NAN%):
217TortheldrinESTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
218UrsinPSTPVPEN (0%)1,022 (100%):1,022
219VashjPSTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
220WarsongESTPVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
221WildhammerCSTPVPEN98 (29%)236 (71%)1:1.9334
222YsondreESTPVPEN55 (36%)96 (64%)1:1.7151
223ZuluhedESTPVPEN (0%)1,892 (100%):1,892
224Argent DawnESTRPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
225Blackwater RaidersPSTRPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
226Cenarion CirclePSTRPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
227Earthen RingESTRPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
228FarstridersCSTRPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
229FeathermoonPSTRPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
230Kirin TorCSTRPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
231Moon GuardCSTRPEN13,597 (59%)9,488 (41%)2.5:123,085
232Scarlet CrusadeCSTRPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
233SentinelsPSTRPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
234Shadow CouncilMSTRPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
235Silver HandPSTRPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
236Sisters of EluneCSTRPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
237Steamwheedle CartelESTRPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
238The ScryersPSTRPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
239Thorium BrotherhoodCSTRPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
240Wyrmrest AccordPSTRPEN (0%)9,565 (100%):9,565
241Emerald DreamCSTRP-PVPEN955 (100%) (0%):955
242LightninghoofCSTRP-PVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
243MaelstromCSTRP-PVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
244RavenholdtESTRP-PVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
245The Venture CoPSTRP-PVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
246Twisting NetherCSTRP-PVPEN (NAN%) (NAN%):
Overall52,182 (43%)70,075 (57%)1:1.3122,257

The ratios are color coded as follows. If the number you see is red, then there have been less than 50 data snapshots submitted for this server/faction in the last 30 days. This is BAD and we need more info on those realm/factions! If the number you see is in yellow, then there have been more than 50, but less than 100. This is better, but we really could use more data. If the number is green then there have been more than 100 snapshots submitted in the last 30 days. This is fairly acceptible to give reliable data!

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