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by Cornin
Mon May 21, 2007 2:43 pm
Forum: News and Announcements
Topic: CensusPlus 4.1 Released
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Thanks for all your work rollie, it's greatly appreciated
by Cornin
Mon May 21, 2007 2:42 pm
Forum: Articles
Topic: Interview with Rollie, admin of
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heartless_ wrote:Fun to re-read this again :) Ahhh the good ole' days.
amen to that!
by Cornin
Mon May 21, 2007 2:37 pm
Forum: Census Talks
Topic: Concurrent players dropping - Discuss!
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I think its just a stabilization thing. But given the hype of Warhammer and other soon to be released MMORPG you might start seeing players leaving the game because really TBC didn't change the game overall. Your still raiding, and your still farming, just like it was in Nov 04. Sure you got class ...
by Cornin
Mon May 21, 2007 2:33 pm
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Need Info Bad!!
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I don't think they will be releasing any new servers for a while. I read in a post that the reason they won't is cause most servers aren't over populated now and all the hardware upgrades they performed allows for better performance and more concurrent players.
by Cornin
Mon May 21, 2007 2:31 pm
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: People Quitting WoW
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I quit for a few months, but have since come back. I'm glad I quit for a while it's nice to get away from the game for a while. I think some people that quit will eventually come back unless they find a different game to play.