Info on other Mods that I have written/created/updated
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Don't worry!
It's called SPAMMING :)

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Whoops! Missed this thread, canned meat removed ;)

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oh.. and here I thought it was a programming thread.
what with ... being the indicator for mulitple arguments in a lua function call. :roll:

hmmm... :idea: I've started looking at lua programming and how it is used with the WoW API... I think I'll look also at the census+ package.. with an idea of having update info for Rollie when he can spend the time to support the site and mods again.

It is a good thing that Rollie was able to get the latest version out before he was overwhelmed... Blizzard broke a lot of mods with Cataclysm.. (changed the way global code items were referenced.) Sadly since Blizzard doesn't provide any help/support other then "here is the API figure it out yourself and have fun"... most of the programming references are outdated or just plain wrong.