Server Populations by Time?

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Relentless Strikes
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Server Populations by Time?

Post by Relentless Strikes »

I was wondering if it was possible to add an option for census mod to add the server time that the census was taken.

With this information an update to the front end could be made allowing for users to see the population of servers by their desired playtimes.

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Post by Jokester »

It already does this, as it uses the time info in generating the player graphs which will also tell you the population online at any given time through the day.

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Post by Rollie »

I assume you mean via the in game mod versus the website?

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Post by DM. »

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Post by Wynta »

I was also wondering this, and I have seen the per-server page, but it's tricky to compare.

What i want to know is:

What is the typical number of level 80 players online at 20:00pm

this is because I am thinking of transfering, and want to find raids at the time I play. On my current server, it seems like everyone has 8 alts at level 80, so the overall population is not representative. I want to know actual numbers online during the time I play. (Ideally also filter by level, for example for vanilla fans who would want to know which servers have a larger number of 60s...)

Ideally, I want a filtered overview, eg:

players level [80] online at [20:00]

server ------------alliance--------- horde---------

obviously, i do realise that there will be quite a few servers with no-one supplying data....


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Post by Wynta »

Hmm and now I have the data-bug, and want this same information, so that I can 'catch' the most online -assuming that 20:00 to 22:00 is the most populated server time, I really want to see which servers have '0' recorded at the time, so I can grab as many new characters as possible with censusplus ;)

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