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auto upload

Post by richwarf »

I keep forgetting to upload my info :(
Is there a program i can add to my PC to auto upload the reports at wow start?

ty for any info :P

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Post by Hybuir »

You can upload wia UniUpload, but best practices it hat once you've closed WoW, to just go and upload right away.
I have started supporting data submissions via the UniUpload application by Matt. It is a small application that can upload your CensusPlus.lua and WR_KillingFields.lua information to WarcraftRealms without any user interaction from you (other than setting the application up and running it). You can get the application here: ... r-UniAdmin
There are only a couple of things you have to do to make it work. On the Settings tab, set the URL to .

There are some optional settings you can set as well that I will post more about soon. Remember, I do not develop this application and hence can offer no support. I would direct you to the website posted here for support.


Post by stonjohn4 »

To get rid of data from all other realms use the slash command "/censusplus serverprune" - not sure if there's a way to prune one server only, but that one will prune everything except the server you're currently on Smile

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