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Post by Castius2200 »

This site is so damn confusing

I am simply trying to give you guys my download from the various scans I did on my Census+ mod

And I cant find this shit anywhere.. this sight only has one good use and you don't even centralize it! clean up the crap and make this site a 2 click web page.

Do you want to download census+ ? <<< click

Do you want to upload your data to the site? <<< click

nobody wants to read forums
nobody wants to chat
we just want up to date info on wow's realms! GET OVER YOURSELF AND FIX YOUR SHIT!!

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Post by pizzamike64 »

I have been using this census+ mod for a long time, and well, I agree with Castius2200 very much!

If you had a easy to use spot to submit your data, that would be GREAT! Then your site would be much more user-friendly. It would be recommended by many more people, and see more traffic! As it is, if you search for your site name, on the Blizzard forums, it is associated with words like "defunct" when you are clearly not!

You worked hard to get it to work well with CRZ and Connected Realms, I commend you on that! However, Please make you site up to date.

By the way, do the mods even read these posts? If not, then why have a "suggestion" forum?

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Post by bringoutyourdead »

Yes the Mods do read the forum ports and we do care about CensusPlus and, but that doesn't mean we have the access rights to make changes to the website as we are not the site owner/admin.

Looking at the home page I see that the first hot link points to a demonstration of what World of Warcraft census data looks like followed by a link to a page pointing to where you can find the addon if you want to join other players in gathering the information.

Also looking at the home page I see very prominently displayed the Latest news which I use to inform members of changes to the addon and lately to the forums both of which I have some control over.
I've added links in the most current latest news to the addon page and the upload data page. That is the best I can do for you. It wasn't hard to do as all I had to do was copy and paste the information right from the webpage navigation bar where it is displayed.

As far as the website is concerned yes there are problems, and we are trying to get both the website pages updated to current times instead of having a number of older links that aren't very useful, and to get the underlying programming updated to correctly handle the changes Blizzard implemented with Connected Realms.
As of this time WarcraftRealms website is borked where the latest Guild information is concerned. For Guild info you are better off looking at the data you collected in game.
This is major reason I haven't been on Blizzard forums to promote this site, it isn't up to my standards at this time.

This site has been running for more then six years and has had thousands and thousands of members uploading data without problems. So it most not be that hard if you just look and read.

Personally having spent hundreds of hours resurrecting CensusPlus when it was on its death bed, keeping it accurate and available in spite of the major changes Blizzard has made to how players interact with each other in the game, and lately battling website spammers. I found Castius2200's message to be petty and demeaning besides being obviously incorrect.

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Post by pizzamike64 »

i want to let you know that I do appreciate your work on the site and addon. I may not be as dedicated to uploading as some of your contributors, but I do recommend your site on other forums when I can. There's often people on forums or Reddit looking for a server, for particular reasons. More PVP, or less, more Horde or more Alliance or more balance. Or just more population. Do you have a mission statement or goal you can emphasize? Who are you trying to reach?

I do respect the work and programming needed, as I am not at all able to do what you do. (I'm an accountant by profession)

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Post by 1974ER »

I have been using CensusPlus for over 5 years now. I have been visiting the site a little bit longer. Barring some major technical issues, some of which were caused by my own computers or my internet provider, this site has been pretty solid.

One thing which people on other forums often do not (seem to) understand is that unlike many automated sites, we require people to help us. More people = more results. Anything and everything helps. I have said this many times over the years to numerous people in at least three languages: "It does not matter whether you do a little or a lot, everything and anything is better than nothing."

If you look at the monthly and alltime submissions top 10s, you will notice that the very top is very narrow indeed. A literal handful of people are responsible for a big chunk of results, but that does not in any way invalidate efforts of people who turn in just a couple of submissions a month. There are still, despite Blizzard's massive Connected Realms program, roughly 500 servers running almost 600 realms. That means almost 1200 factions to cover.

When I was at my most active, I could, with a lot of effort, give minimal coverage to about 60 to 80 factions in a day in addition to my own playing. Nowadays, that value is less than 20 and I still get high results as long as there are no technical obstacles.

I am a manual uploader, always have been and will most likely be as long as I use this site. I have the upload page stored on my browser, so it is not hard to find and uploading really does not take more than a couple of clicks. While configuring the UniUploader takes a bit of effort, there are support threads for it and many (most?) people prefer using it.

I could write more, but I am a bit tired. For me, it is already 2014 and I stayed up late (and woke up early)... So, I conclude with a Happy New Year to all!

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