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REQ: A little faster scan

Post by FuxieDK »

Scan 100
Scan 91-99
Scan 21-29
Scan 11-20
Scan 1-10
Scan (me)

Scan 100
Scan 90-99
Scan 20-29
Scan (me)

The reason for this, is Blizzard have removed 1-19 from /WHO, and seem to be unwilling to add them back.
Thus 1-10 is completely pointless to scan and 11-20 only returns data for one level (20).
Since 91-99 is one level less than all other scans, why not just move the boundries one down (max level is always done alone first)?

This would mean TWO less scans, causing the complete process to save 15-17 seconds..
Yes, I know it sounds a very little, however it all adds up...

And hey.... I did write a LITTLE faster ;-)
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Post by bringoutyourdead »

Actually the process is first you build a last in first out stack (think stack of plates at cafeteria)
1st item loaded on the stack is the ME scan
2nd through n-2 is loaded the stacks for groups of ten scans by decade x1 -x10
then depending on what Blizzard has chosen as the top level x0 or x5
the n-1 stack is either (TopLevel-9 -> TopLevel-1) or (TopLevel-4 -> TopLevel-1)
and finally the stack has the TopLevel scan.

reverse the order and that is how things get processed off of the stack of scanning jobs.

As each job fails to complete (due to being more then 49 characters [thanks Blizzard :? ])
the current job is tossed and replaced by a divide and conquer algorithm which attempts to most efficiently get the process finished.

I did a lot of rework in this area to insure that as each expansion was release the code would work without people need to wait for the new levels to be added to CensusPlus.

Since Blizzard has NEVER commented on the minimum /who level change, we don't have any information that says they won't revert back.

In my opinion it was a Stupid short sighted change that didn't really fix anything.

Since the scan works, I choose to not break it at this time.

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