localization changes in prep for next fix release

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localization changes in prep for next fix release

Post by bringoutyourdead »

After being informed of translation issues, and discovering the major culprit, I've been working to get a new fix release out.

I have fixed all the issues with the translation tool (which was changing my variable names, breaking the addon.)

I removed one translation.. I have converted the tool tip to show the directory path to the sound files used by CensusPlus.

I have added 2 new (oops I missed these) translation variables.
Translators please go to CurseForge.com and enter your translations.

Since I no longer have room for the EU client, I can not test those languages.
I did test against the Portuguese ptBR language pack.
Which allowed me to find the missing translations, but there are a few phrases which were not translated.. maybe the English words have snuck into the language..(though I think not likely.)
Unfortunately I have not been able to test against Spanish translations... as we do not have any Spanish translations.

I will push to Curse.com the new fix release later this weekend, giving the translators time to update their work.

Localization was one of my primary goals for the V6.2 CensusPlus release.
I have always felt bad that my changes since taking over maintenance of the addon were degrading localization support.

Now that I have been able to test the new code, I am very pleased with the results.
I have compared CensusPlus with about a dozen other addons that I use in game that have localization support... and the new CensusPlus is vastly superior.

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