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Player profiles

Post by valrus »

I'm doing a research on data mining in WoW and I was wondering if I could get a csv file with the player profiles.
I am only interested in the information you already provide on your site (example: ) plus an additional player play time (not just creation & last active date).

I will check this thread for replies. All help is appreciated. Thanks !

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Post by 1974ER »

Hello there!

I am not 100% sure, which things you are exactly after... but it sounds you'd better be contacting Rollie, the site Admin, directly and since he has been occupied with real life matters for a very long while, I can't guarantee that you'll get a reply. Also, many character profiles aren't tied to their players as most WoW players don't actively run Censusplus. In fact, a large portion of the player base doesn't even know about this site. Also, even those who both run Censusplus and use the site don't necessarily claim their specific characters (or in some rarer cases, even have accounts here, choosing to submit anonymously).

As to the total play time of specific characters (the kind displayed by the game with the /played command), I am afraid that outside asking every single player personally that piece of information is only available to Blizzard Entertainment and I don't think they'll release that info to outsiders. They might give you a global average or something if you ask nicely, but I would not be surprised if they flat out refuse.

And trying derive even limited info from here would be pretty futile. Only an extremely small portion of characters are accurately recorded throughout their existance, as submissions are voluntary. I have generated almost 18 million updates for this site... yet I can't tell you when my main reached level 13... that and many other parts of his early existance were never recorded and have therefore been lost forever. In fact, since even Blizzard doesn't store absolutely every piece of data, I don't think even they could tell me that any more. In fact... the first time he appears here is on June 18th, 2008... by which time he is almost two months old and on level 33. And there are a lot of additional holes until November 8th, 2008 (I became a member here on November 7th, 2008).

I have to assume these were not the kind of answers you were hoping for. I am just a long term Censusplus user, so I have no decision powers of any kind. However, if you want to post clarifications and / or additional questions, you are welcome to do so. I and probably some other long term users might be able to shed some light... or not. Remains to be seen. :)