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Character Profiles

Looking for a place to show off your World of Warcraft character gear? Find a no frills display here at! Soon to come will be totally customizable with your own CSS definitions! For now though, you can use the default view! In order to have your character profile displayed, you will need to download the World of Warcraft CensusPlus UI Mod. It will automatically capture your character's data while playing. When you Upload your data file, you will have the option of processing your character data.

By default, the character profiles are hidden. You will need to log in and visit your character's history page in order to enable the profile to be seen. You must have claimed your character in order to unhide the profile data.

You can view an example profile here:

  • (Don't laugh at my gear!)
  • If you have any questions, please visit the forums and make a post!


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